Academic Failure

As the title is clear it's all about academic failure, everyone in this world not born as an academic player. To compete in this world You have to lose your fear, Cuz this is the only thing That will make your path easy and clear. So be there, To cope everything, Only a little can... Continue Reading →

Narrow Minded Society

Short dress Couple's kiss Your mentality Is a piece of shit Love is wrong Arrange is right Top is loose Jeans are tight . This was just a short paragraph from my next blog. Thanks for  reading #new_poetry_blog #coming_soon title is #narrow_minded_society


When i look back.... my life flashbacks eyes with tears my mind with different stories that's how adventurous was my school memories and then i picturize  my first day of the school now let me start with my beautiful experience ... Only one thought arrive, in my mind ,when i was five i enrolled in my... Continue Reading →

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